Thursday, June 6, 2013

Taking Control by Letting Go
by Luke G. Rogers

Life is easier when I am love with not knowing, 
It only hurts to grasp too hard at the reigns
The hard leather would cut off circulation to my hands
Bleeding fingers are after-all distracting
Especially when my horses are powerful and daft

The grand mystery of the universe is indecipherable
It can only bring happiness to let go of control
Allowing my Prana to flow through my body
The horses listen and respond to my re-aligned energy
Now its easier to guide my strong inner potential
My ego relaxes and flows towards unlimited inner and outer wealth

Friday, November 18, 2011

Playful Light

I flow towards effortless fulfilling action, without a thought, I experience
The essence of evolution, the unfolding of spirit,
To reveal a substance in my heart I call authentic joy
Destiny awaits, that’s why I let go, to experience
The next step of who I am, in real time

Its an innocent process of knowing things work out for the best
Its an experiment of the soul, and nothing is to loose when
We are playing with light.

Luke George Rogers

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

வாட் டூ வி மேக் ஒப் திஸ்?

பின் இஸ் இன் தி எ ஒப் தி பெஹோல்தர்
லைப் அச அச எ சேமிகள் ரோல்ளீர் கோஸ்டர்
எஅட், ஸ்லீப், லௌக்ஹ, அண்ட் லவ்
வாக்கிங் அலசோ மகேஷ் மீ பீல் பெட்டெர்
அச்டின் ஸ்டெப்ஸ் அண்ட் பெஹவிஒர் சந்கேஷ்
வாட் இன் திஸ் லைப் கேன் மேக் இட் வித் சம்திங்
போடி, மின்ட், ஸ்பிரிட் அச ஒஉர் கிடு
தி காமம் த்ரெட் தேரே இஸ் தி அபிலிட்டி டு மேக் எ சாய்ஸ் த்ரௌக் தி அவறேநேச்ஸ் வி கீப்.
அண்ட் தி அச்க்நோவ்லேட்க்மென்ட் தட் தி லைட் வி ஷேர் இஸ் மோர் தன ஸ்கின் தீப்.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ernest Living

may we shred our murky masks revealing the hidden
so we may know our true self
may we hope with a sense of peace
stepping forward with courageous compassion
may we organize our own consciousness
planning for wonderful days
may we observe our faults of our thinking
so change can present it self
may we embrace our darkness and pain
so we are made more whole
may we live together in cosmic harmony

Luke G. Rogers

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spools of Growth

Opal light seen with Lively Confusion
What did resistance teach?
A Koan of my own – Self intrusion
Might be time for a concession speech
Altered state takes me away
Letting thoughts speak for themselves
Quintessential Peace gone astray
Observing self-made spells
Lonely weary hours to keep awake
Southing Voice past Dead Ears
Watching from above what’s at stake
Loathing the moment when there is nothing to fear
As so it is – and will always Be
Floating around and TruthLight comes to me

Friday, May 8, 2009

We are Light Movements

Register the resistance 
Check point, locked in
Cross the threshold
Blinking victory
Lights that flicker will stay on
Clinched-release energy
Dispersed to the floor
Cooper grounded soul
Past chords cut 
New emotion soothing
Full speed ahead, here and present 

Friday, March 6, 2009

Enough Said.

Where do you think you’re headed?

How did you become asleep in your waking life?

Why do you make things black and white?

What do you think separates you from love?

When you are willing to be honest, things won’t be so hard.